For well over 40 years now, John Daniels has been a songwriter and composer, working primarily in the field of Gospel and Christian music.   With very little formal music education, John started his working life as an accountant,  until a meeting with long time friend  Dave Pope  and folk group, ‘The Alethians’, led within a few short years to what would become a lifetime journey as a musician.

John grew up in the small village of Cowplain, on the outskirts of Portsmouth on the south coast of England.  His involvement in the local church gospel choir and various youth music groups provided much of his early musical foundation, as did growing up as a teenager in the 1960’s - the era of The Beatles.  Like many others of that era, he learned guitar by playing along to records (yes, the days when all music was on vinyl!) …. although his musical ‘heroes’ were more ‘The Shadows’ than ‘The Beatles’!   But, the two years of piano lessons he’d had as a child also provided a rudimentary knowledge of music theory, and were certainly put to use as opportunities arose in later years for music arranging and production. 


From working in church ‘mission’ situations and helping put together musicians for concert tours, to song writing and recording, John spent much of the 1970’s and ‘80s based on Hayling Island, near to Portsmouth.  He worked extensively with Dave Pope and many others in the British ‘Contemporary Christian Music’  movement of its day as a songwriter, backing musician and music producer, and occasionally in concerts and events on his own.    As well as the many songs of his that were published in the UK at that time, some made their way across the Atlantic to a few of the gospel artists there.   It was on a concert tour in the U.S. in 1979 that John met his future wife, Tami, to whom he's been married since 1981.     


The mid 1980’s were, of course,  a very significant time in the development of modern music production, specifically the application of computer technology to music.  John, at first a little skeptical of this new trend, soon realized its importance and "got on board" as the saying goes.   His experience in commercial recording studios and later in his own home based studio, provided a strong practical foundation for creating music using this increasingly more sophisticated and growing computer technology.


In 1991 John, Tami and their two young children moved across the Atlantic and settled for a few years in the Fort Worth area of Texas, to be near Tami’s family.   As well as songwriting and a few years spent as Music Minister in a local church there, in 1994 John started writing and producing the original music underscore for an American Christian T.V. program called “Day Of Discovery”.  So for more than twenty years, up until the time when production on the program stopped, John worked on many of their teaching, biographical and dramatic documentaries, including through some years spent living back in England in the late 1990’s, and a final move back to Texas in 2002, where he and Tami still live.  

At the same time, John has continued collaborating musically with various friends and artists, including fellow Brit Charles Timberlake on Charles’s piano based instrumental albums, and a few years ago with Dave Pope on an album including many of their early songs from the 1970’s.