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Underneath The Sun

Ten reflective ballads on questions of life and faith in a changing world.

01 Underneath The Sun

“There is nothing new under the sun” as the book of Ecclesiastes tells us.

02 Wind Of Change
03 Where Are Any Answers Found
04 Feeling At Home
05 When All Is Said And Done
06 Left To Ourselves
07 Lord Change Me

The changing world around us … uncomfortable  … but maybe  a moment to be  embraced.

Bad things that happen to good people … and other questions for which there seem to be no answers.

The world - especially our personal world - can often seem unfamiliar, confusing, lonely or unfriendly.

The foundational value of navigating life with simple honesty and integrity.

Our stubbornness - like  those who, like the saying goes, won’t learn from the past and so are destined to repeat it. 

A prayer for navigating life’s changes and challenges.

08 When Wisdom Calls

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!” … Changeless wisdom!

09 Those We Leave Behind

Passing on something of our own questions and answers to others.

10 If You Go With Me

The best way forward!

A Blast from the Past .... some  1980s British Contemporary Gospel!
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